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HQueue Auto Cartridge Plus

06 07 08

HQueue Auto Cartridge Plus is a simple software solution designed to automate the toner ordering and delivery process for your networked printers and copiers.

With intelligent automated ordering, you can rest assured that toner will be delivered on time for all of your printers/copiers without you having to monitor toner levels or manage orders.
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Why Auto Cartridge Plus?

Simple, automated toner fulfillment that improves
    cash flow and simplifies supplies management.

No need to stock toner.

Eliminates resources required to monitor toner
    levels or place orders.
Just-in-time delivery to your location.

Toners come individually labeled for each
    specific printer.

Simple one-year, renewable agreement.

Easily order additional toner as needed
    through the tool set.

Productivity Flexibility Ease of Management
Provides for fully automated toner fulfillment
Eliminates the need for “toner closets”
Prevents printer down time with just in
     time toner delivery
Designed for networked printers and copiers
Supports all major OEM’s
Ala carte service options

Easy to install and support
Live technical support
Secure software (SOC2 and HIPAA certified)

Automated toner delivery to your location

How It Works

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