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Millennium Technologies Port and Rail Yard

PSION handhelds used in combination with Narrowband gives ports and rail yards a winning strategy for cost effective deployment of complete wireless data collection i infrastructure.

Beyond Rugged

You’ve got to try hard to take the 7530 G2 to its limits. It has a drop rating of 2 meters to polished concrete. And it has an IP rating of 67 – the highest IP rating of any handheld computer on the market (meaning it’s pretty much impervious to dust and moisture).

Ergonomics for the mobile worker

Pick up the 7530 G2 and it hits you. How well-balanced it feels. Something about it immediately feels right.

And it looks right, too. You can read the bright VGA display even in glaring sun. And the backlit, hard-capped keypad, together with the dual-enter keys, means one-handed use couldn't be easier. No matter how long the shift lasts.

Endless Flexibility

The 7530 G2 has a Windows® operating system and fits into your infrastructure, hassle free. And because it’s based on industry standards, you can add apps and accessories as your needs change. So you never need worry that you’ve made a short-sighted decision.

Psion 7530
Psion Omnii XT15

Field-Upgradeable Adaptability

Omnii™ XT15 is always fit for purpose, so you can configure it the way you want and later bolt on what you need. This allows for future-proof flexibility as hardware can be reconfigured – and not replaced – saving your business up to 30% on lifetime total cost of ownership.

Real-World Practicality

Psion understands how to make mobile workers more productive in the harshest of environments and we have designed all elements of the Omnii™ XT15 to reflect that expertise. Built with the new Texas Instruments® AM3715 Sitara ARM microprocessor and a Psion designed Custom ASIC architecture, Omnii™ XT15 delivers industry-leading performance and efficiency with an extended battery life of up to 19 hours.

Optimized Ergonomics

Ergonomics are crucial to ensuring mobile workers are efficient and effective on their jobs. The Omnii™ XT15 features a balanced construction that is perfectly weighted for comfort, practicality and Natural Task Support.


Narrowband Outdoor Solutions

Millennium Technologies can give you Narrowband outdoor coverage. We have solutions that can effectively cover “Hundreds of Acres” in an outdoor environment without needing hundreds of access points.

Looking for a reliable data collection system to easily cover an extended area? Container yards, ports, and large warehouses can be some of the most difficult areas to cover with wireless communications. Narrowband radio technology is a FCC licensed band which guarantees a private network. Because it is a licensed band it operates at a higher power enabling it to cover a port or container yard with minimal effort. Also, Psion’s narrowband technology uses proprietary unpublished protocols it is an inherently secure infrastructure.

• Private, licensed radio spectrum for challenging RF environments.
• Extended range of radio coverage.
• Proprietary protocols make it inherently secure.
• Compatible with all legacy Psion infrastructure for easy migration paths.

Current Applicable Products
7530, 8525, 8530
Psion Omnii XT15


Professional Services

Millennium Technologies is your source for complete wired or wireless infrastructure design, installation, and implementation. We can install your RF Infrastructure from start to finish, beginning with a comprehensive and documented site survey, installation of the backbone, configuration and installation of all controllers, access points and antennas.

We will perform all services required anywhere in the USA including expert project management to ensure that your site is fully up and operational by your deadline. At completion of the project, we will provide complete documentation, both hard copy and electronic, of your RF infrastructure including all IP addresses of hand held units, and access points. Once your installation is complete, you can rely on us to set up maintenance contracts on all equipment, and we will keep track of your annual contract renewals every year going forward on a “by serial number” basis. You will never need to worry about a unit not being covered or a contract lapsing.

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