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Millennium Technologies Port and Rail Yard
• Millennium RFID Solutions offers software suites to handle your RFID needs. Whether you receive mandates from large retailers, DoD, or just want to take advantage of the latest technology, we have a system that fits your needs and your environment.

• Implement RFIDit on conveyors, and track your products as they flow through your facility. With pre-built and custom interfaces you can create batches of validated RFID tags. Carton tags can be automatically or manually applied and are read at key locations on your conveyor system. Photoelectric eyes and lights signal good or bad tag reads, and even missing tags. If a tag gets damaged, simply scan the bar code to print a new tag.

• RFIDit on pallets, and track your products without the extra handling. Unlike our competitors, we know that it’s not that easy to unload a pallet of cartons, onto a conveyor, just to read it. Multiple reader portals use the strength of team reads to uniquely count all of the RFID tags on a pallet. With encoded pallet tags, we verify that you have the correct number of cartons on the pallet. Too many or too little, and a simple light stack lets you know.

• RFIDit also tracks assets. Tag tools, trays, fork lifts or anything else that moves. See where they’ve been, and where they’re going.

• Not at the office? RFIDit Alert notifies you by email on your smart phone. With graphs summarizing transactions based on reader locations, view the volumes at key points in your facilities. See counts of cartons received, packed and shipped summarized by hour, day, or week.

• RFIDit in any combination, portals, conveyors, handhelds and/or smart phones. Whatever your task, whatever your needs, whatever your budget, just RFIDit!

RFID Psion Workabout Pro

RFID Alien Technology AP


RFID Alien Technology AP

RFIDit Anywhere

RFIDit Anywhere with a handheld reader from Zebra can provide the benefits of RFID with the mobility of wireless connectivity. RFIDit running on the Zebra Work About Pro 3 displays the carton count, and allows bar code scanning to detect problem tags. Similar to a light stack, the screen changes color to easily identify good and bad reads. The data can then be synced wirelessly or via an active sync connection.

Psion RFID Workabout Pro

RFIDit Portals

RFIDit Portals read the cartons on a pallet as they pass through a doorway or dock door. As they are read, the data can tell you when that pallet leaves a specific area and if the correct cartons are on it. All carton reads are stored in a database for future lookups or tied back into your existing host.

RFIDit Tag Generation

Through the use of Windows based third party software, tags can be generated via batch upload or on the fly. RFID Smart Label printers from Printronix then generate not only a human readable thermal label but also encode and validate the RFID tag. Aside from Smart Labels, hard tags and other types of RFID tags can be deployed with the RFIDit system.

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